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Do you want to hire the services of an immunology writer? Immunology blogging is not a venture for just anyone out there claiming to be an immunology writer. These are health matters that should be handled by an immunologist (specialist) ONLY. It’s not about reading stuff, then writing about what you’ve read.

You must have a deeper understanding of the subject. You must have gone through quality formal training in a credible institution, then gained experience over time. And this is where we at “The Immune System Explainer” greatly stand out.

We have the expertise, the capacity, and the commitment to write for you an exemplary piece of work based on your needs.

If you would like us to write content for your site, or for your other needs, do not hesitate to seek those services from us. We are hired to write several types of content including the following:

Immunology blog articles

Our quality speaks for itself. To understand and believe me, you only need to look at the standard of our immunology articles on this website. The posts are long versions for the most part written with a genuine desire to benefit the readers. This is what you can expect:

  • High-quality article
  • Use of relevant examples/analogies
  • Optimized for SEO >85% score
  • Zero grammar mistakes
  • Conversational tone
  • Great transitional terms included 
  • Perfect flow of concepts
  • Perfect meta description/Excerpt
  • Zero spelling mistakes
  • Timely delivery
  • No plagiarism
  • Images from No-loyalty fees, copyright-free sources
  • Fair prices (Negotiated from $20 for 1000+ words)

Immunology Research papers (Original)

Researchers are busy people and spend their time in the laboratory or in class mentoring learners. You may have carried out research in the laboratory as a scientist.

You now would like to have a partner who can help you put together your results and discuss them ready for dissemination in a manuscript, we can come in a very professional way.

We shall not claim authorship whatsoever. Ours will be the service charge for the work done. You can trust us with privacy until your work becomes public.

Immunology Review Papers

We can help you to write your full review paper. We shall do it all the way from literature review to meta-analysis. We are well versed in the use of Cochrane Review Manager (Non-Cochrane reviews) and the exportation of the data to your manuscript.

For the referencing, we use reference managers (Mendeley) to ensure that your citation and reference lists are well done. Quality work is guaranteed and that is what we promise and stand for at all times.

Don’t worry about plagiarism. We take it as an ‘evil’ that we vehemently dissociate with. Review papers are usually quite involving and we shall have a discussion on how much you should pay beforehand. Don’t be afraid, we shall agree.

Immunology PowerPoint presentations

You’ve been invited to give a presentation or even a lecturer who teaches immunology and/or related subjects. You are too busy to make your slides. All that we need is to know your requirements like the immunology topic, audience, time that is given for your presentation, and any other specifications.

Once, you share this information, you can now relax and continue with your busy schedule. On our part, we take it up from there and make a ppt presentation that will make you a hero. This is what you can expect in your final ppt presentation:

  • Visible slides (Great color contrast)
  • Non-crowded (Not a “forest of words”)
  • Simplified organization of concepts
  • Visual aids (Images, Photos, diagrams)
  • Modest use of animations
  • Perfect introduction (Once we get your credentials)
  • No plagiarism

Private Immunology Tuition

All of the members of my team work as lecturers at the university’s immunology and biomedical science departments. We give tuition to students around the world. Sometimes even to individuals who are not students.

We shall discuss via skype or zoom the exact challenge that you are having then tailor your solution to ensure that you get unstuck. You can trust me you’ll be happy with our use of analogies and simple examples to simplify complex concepts for you.

In this area, we are driven by a passion to pass on knowledge to learners. It’s all joy when we make you learn what appeared like an impossibility. Those who seek our services in this area have a strong desire to learn. If not, we firstly have a session to mentor and motivate them, then we can proceed with the tuition.

The commitment of Our Immunology Writers

Each immunology writer in our team commits to ensuring that we shall NEVER disappoint. We shall make happy our clients and readers of “The immune System Explainer”.

Our reason for this resolution is one. There are many options out there for you. Therefore, when you choose us, the choice is deliberate and so we MUST satisfy your needs.

Discussion for the task = WhatsApp Chat

You can write us an email (admin@immunostudies.com) but the fastest way is to chat with us on WhatsApp at +254705426993

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Please Share Content with Others: Sharing is Caring!