Immunologist is someone who studies all aspects of the immune system

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The Founder & CEO of “The Immune System Explainer”

Academic and Professional Credentials

As the CEO and Founder of ‘The Immune System Explainer’, I am a highly qualified immunologist trained in immunology in the UK at the postgraduate level. My teaching and research experience run for a cumulative of over a decade working in a university’s medical school’s department of clinical immunology.

The other members of our team are equally highly qualified. We, together make an award-winning team that will deliver on basic immunology, immunopathology, vaccination & immunization, tumor immunology, transplantation immunology, immunotherapy, and many others.

The rationale of Our Site

In the current times, immunology research has really advanced and the output is great research findings as expected. This output has greatly been disseminated through many platforms, particularly scientific journals. I love this of course!

However, little attention is being paid when it comes to publishing credible information on the basic concepts of the immune system. Some of us understand how difficult it was to understand a research paper when we didn’t have the basic concepts of immunology. There is a need to provide professionally written articles or blogs on how the immune system interacts with antigens and how disease emanates.

In addition articles or blogs on how vaccines are made and how they work to prevent diseases are critical. The majority of immunologists have focused on creating new knowledge at the expense of teaching about existing knowledge.

The consequence of this is that basic immunology blogging has been left to people who hardly understand anything about the immune system and whose websites are driven by other factors other than a passion for immunology.

There is, therefore the need to create professionally written articles and/or blogs. This will provide information to the public, students, lecturers, scientists, and even companies dealing with immune products. This way, we shall restore the lost link between basic immunology and the modern aspects of applied immunology.

About what We do

We are a team of scientists who are committed to researching and publishing the most credible content about the immune system. We always have in mind that our intention must be about simplifying this complex subject and ensuring that we carry along all our readers regardless of their levels of education.

Our goal is to make as many people as possible understand how the immune system works both in health and in disease. We urge you to recruit yourself to be among those who will benefit from this great initiative.

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Please Share Content with Others: Sharing is Caring!